I provide quality childcare in Los Alamos and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

27 years of experience, in multiple countries.

Newborns. Twins. Children with special needs.

$15-$25 an hour. 

Available weekdays 8:30am - 2:30pm, evenings and weekends.




Email: annayarrow@hotmail.com

Phone: 505 389-9396




"Living far from my family, I often yearned for my babies to have an aunt or uncle they could stay with and we would all feel wonderful about the arrangement during the hours I needed to work. Anna is like that aunt. My boys are delighted to go see her, and even the very first time was an easy goodbye-transition. And all moms know how much it means to leave a contented child rather than one who is crying for you."  

-Juliana Ciano, Remarkable Minds Coaching














All Photography by Anna Yarrow (with parental permission).